The general idea was to collect information on weaknesses in the human-centred design of ships. An analysis was carried out to get a better insight of the current working conditions and the improvement potential. The main stakeholders are naval architects and ship designers. It was planned to give a first insight of what the current situation is with respect to user centred design on ships. This is achieved by looking at the data source (mind map etc). With this general information in mind, the reader can evaluate his/her current design project and discover what can be improved with respect to the human element.

Results are presented in a report and in a mind map (presently available internally only). The results can be used as stand-alone information for naval architects wishing to find out more about ships as workplaces and seafarers as end users. The mind map will also be included in the larger Cyclades framework, and be used by all stakeholders in shipping with an interest in the Human Element. The report complements existing guidelines from IMO, classification and standardisation societies.